About Us

“Since our first trip to Nigeria in 2010, my wife and I realized a growing desire to share with the diasporic community the knowledge and experiences gained through immersion in the Yoruba culture. Seeking to provide a medium for learning, human development, and the exchange of cultural knowledge and understanding, we established the Cultural Arts & Development Bridge, an organization dedicated to transcontinental learning and development through the application of indigenous technologies.”

As students, we always knew that we wanted to travel the world and gain a more vivid picture of the world. My work in international development and her work as a teaching artist have afforded us several opportunities to travel the world and experience many different cultures. As a performing artist, my wife has had the opportunity to learn from a variety of masters from various backgrounds. As an agricultural economist, I have been able to sit and dialogue with people from around the globe. Our journeys and intrepid sense of adventure have left us with many stories detailing our experiences with global cultures. Oftentimes, peers and colleagues through their intrigue would advise us to write about our experiences so that others might share vicariously in our opportunities. On occasion, we have followed this advice in one form or another. Yet, we’ve also envisioned a means to bring the richness of the world more directly to our community and others without the amazing opportunities that we’ve been afforded.

Motivated by of our love of travel and world culture in combination with the access to many diverse artists and cultural icons that our travels have empowered us with, my wife and I decided to build the Cultural Arts & Development Bridge (CADB). It is an organization committed to connecting communities through sharing culture, teaching cultural tolerance, and instilling virtues based on an outlook characterized by global citizenship. It is our vision that communities can be empowered by celebrating the richness of each other’s cultures together, while bringing the world to the doorstep of those lacking the means to access and experience the bounty of global cultures. It is our goal to create cultural collaborations, and exchanges around the world to help broaden perspectives and promote cultural understanding.

The CADB is designed to use media and direct contact with the environments that engender unique cultural expressions, as well as recognizing the various artists and knowledge repositories that preserve and enliven their respective cultures.